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Butterfly Koi Fish

While still a member of the carp family, the butterfly koi differ slightly from your typical pond koi fish.
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Chagoi Koi Fish

Chagoi are known for three things: growing huge, being comfortable around people, and their brown-coppery color.
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Chinese Koi Fish

Koi are enjoyed as pets worldwide, but actually originated in modern day China - not Japan as many believe.
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Complete Guide to Doitsu Koi

Doitsu Koi are characterized by either no scales or very few scales which sets them apart from other koi
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Kohaku Koi Fish

The Kohaku Koi is one of the oldest and most common varieties of Koi
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Keep Herons Out of Koi Pond

Herons are extremely skilled pond hunters and can decimate your koi pond if you don't take adequate protection measures
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Koi Angel

The Koi Angel is an angelfish and not a koi that is best suited to freshwater aquariums
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What You Need To Know About GinRin Koi

Ginrin isn't a type of koi - rather a characteristic of some koi who have spectacular shining scales
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Matsuba Koi

Matsuba Koi are characterized by a metallic base with a black pigmentation.
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