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Ochiba Koi Fish

Ochiba are the result of breeding golden-brown chagoi and the gray Soragoi. The result is a beautiful brownish-silver color.
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Orange and Black Koi Fish

There are many varieties of koi that share orange and black markings - we describe many of them here.
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Orange Koi Fish

Many varieties of koi have orang as one of their principal colors. Learn about what varieties feature orange.
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Platinum Ogon Koi

Platinum Ogon Koi are a white, metallic variety of koi that can grow up to 3 feet long
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Red and White Koi Fish

Many varieties of koi have red and white characteristics. Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa are known for red and white markings.
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Showa Koi Fish

Show Koi feature 3 main colors, black, red and white - with black being typically most dominant
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Slime Coat on Fish

Fish - including koi - have a slime coat to prevent infection. Excessive slime could be a dangerous warning sign.
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Turtle in Koi Pond

Many turtles will eat koi fish - others will live harmoniously with Koi in your backyard pond. Know the difference.
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Everything You Need to Know About Tancho Koi Fish

Identification and information about the Tancho Koi Fish - including the distinct red marking on its head.
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