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Koi Fish Eyes - How they Work and How to Keep Healthy

How koi fish eyes work - and how to spot potential eye trouble
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Koi Fish Mouth - Designed for Bottom Feeding

The anatomy of a koi fish mouth and how to spot potential health issues
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Koi Pond Swimming Pool | Swim with Your Koi?

Can you swim with koi in your koi pond? The pros and cons of swimming with your backyard friends.
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Koi Parasites Identification and Treatment

Koi parasites generally aren't visible, but based on symptoms you may be able to identify the culprit.
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Adding Salt to Your Koi Pond

Learn the proper way to add salt to your koi pond to promote the health of your Fish
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Top 10 Best Plants For Your Koi Pond

The top 10 plants to consider adding to your koi pond to benefit your fish
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Do Koi Fish Bite?

Koi fish don't exactly bite - but they can nibble a bit - learn about koi teeth
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Fake Koi Fish For Pond

Why you might consider adding fake (decoy) fish to your koi pond
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Foam in Koi Pond

What it means if you have foam in your koi pond and how to properly deal with foam
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