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Koi Services - Local and Online

Check out our list of koi services providers near you - as well as online koi supply retailers
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Koi Fish Types

Let's take a look at the varieties of koi that are cherished by collectors and backyard koi pond owners
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Sick Koi Fish

Koi are susceptible to illnesses just like their human caregivers. Here's how to identify and treat a sick koi fish.
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Koi Fish in Winter

Follow these steps to keep your outdoor pond survivable for koi fish during winter months
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Settlement Tank for Koi Pond

Learn all about a koi fish settlement tank and why you might need one
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Koi Fish Spawning

If you are a koi pond owner or just contemplating becoming one, you may be quite surprised to look in […]
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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. In 2015 our family moved into a house south of Denver, Colorado that had a Koi pond. The problem was I knew absolutely NOTHING about koi ponds.

This blog is dedicated to providing helpful hints and information for koi pond hobbyists - as well as those of you who just inherited a koi pond and are thinking NOW WHAT?
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