About KoiPondHQ

The pond came with the house...

We purchased a house that we loved in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado back in 2015.  The problem was that the house came with a koi pond - and I knew nothing about  how to care for the koi pond.
When we moved in, there were around 8-10 decent sized fish, and the water was reasonably clear.  I was told the fish would be fine without food for few days, so I was busy working on all the things that you do when you move into a new house.
Within a couple of days, the water became a bit murkier, and algae began to take over.  There was even a dead dove that I found in the skimmer - that was quite the shock. I searched various sources on the Internet to figure out what needed to be done.
Finally, I was able to properly maintain the pond and get the koi fish fed.  I was able to clean and replace filters, replace pumps, and do general maintenance.
Summers aren't long here in Colorado, but most nights - especially on weekends, we feed the fish and relax to the soothing sound of the waterfall.

About Me and Why I Created This Site

KoiPondHQ was created by me, Frank Salvatore, in 2021.  
I'm a hobbyist.  I don't have the expertise of Koi farm folks or Koi shop owners.  But I'm learning everything I can and sharing what I learn on this site.
I know there are a lot of people out there just like me - who enjoy their koi ponds - but they aren't exactly "experts".  They need quick answers to common questions.  They need to keep their koi healthy and be able to properly maintain their pond.
The goal of this site is to be a resource to koi pond owners - as well as those looking to build a koi pond.  The articles on this site serve to answer many of the common questions of koi owners.  We also have a directory of koi fish and pond experts near you that you can rely on for extra help.