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Koi Fish in Winter

Follow these steps to keep your outdoor pond survivable for koi fish during winter months
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Settlement Tank for Koi Pond

Learn all about a koi fish settlement tank and why you might need one
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Koi Fish Spawning

If you are a koi pond owner or just contemplating becoming one, you may be quite surprised to look in […]
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Koi Pond Online Communities and Resources

We strive to make KoiPondHQ a fantastic resource. You can supplement your koi knowledge with these groups and communities.
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Sanke Koi Fish History and Identification

Learn about the history and how to identify Sanke koi fish
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Types of Koi Pond Tanks

Here, we discuss 5 types of tanks that are suitable for koi and in what circumstances they might be used
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Nisai, Sansai, Tosai: Understanding Koi Ages

You may have heard of Nisai, Sansai, and Tosai - now you can learn how they represent a koi's age
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Koi Pond Water Test Kit

All about water test kits and why you should get one for pond maintenance
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Koi Pond Aeration

Different ways to provide proper aeration to your koi pond to ensure proper oxygen levels
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