Chagoi Koi Fish

Japanese Koi are a Unique Species with a Multitude of Colors and Patterns

There is a variety of koi fish you can buy to populate your pond. Some of these domesticated carp are bright and add pops of color to the water. Others are shimmery or have unique patterns that make your pond beautiful. 

Chagoi Koi Fish surrounded by Different Colored Koi
Chagoi Koi Fish surrounded by Different colored Koi.

As a pond hobbyist, I’ve done a lot of research on koi fish. I love learning what their colors and patterns mean. I have a variety of fish in my backyard koi pond, and I want you to have some of that beauty in your pond.

Before you buy new koi fish, learn everything about what Chagoi koi fish have to offer. These fish offer more than just stunning looks-they also provide companionship like your furry pets! Read on to get to know about the personality of these fish.

What Are Chagoi Koi Fish?

Chagoi comes from the Japanese word “cha,” which means tea. That encompasses the range of colors for this type of koi.

Chagoi koi fish are some of the most intelligent koi you can buy. They’re aggressive in the pond during feeding time because they love to eat. This appetite, paired with their friendliness, makes them great koi to raise because you can hand-tame them.

The Chagoi koi are large. Even when the koi are young and still growing, you can tell that they’re robust, and eat a lot as they grow. They’re larger than other koi at the same age, and as an adult, are as long as 40 inches!

Chagoi koi fish have thick, blocky bodies with fat tails. Even their head is broad, so they don’t look anything like slim, streamlined koi varieties.

Another way to identify a Chagoi fish is by looking at the fins. Neither their pectoral fins nor their dorsal fin is split.

Chagoi Koi Fish in a Bucket
Chagoi Koi have Wide Heads and and Massive, Paddle-Shaped Pectorals.

Types of Chagoi Koi Fish

When you visit a koi farm, you’ll see a lot of brown koi. Many Chagoi are brown, but not all brown koi are Chagoi. There are different patterns you might find on this koi variety and various shades of brown it can display.


There are a few different patterns of Chagoi koi that add interest to your pond. While all koi are unique, these varieties are eye-catching in their own way.

With Fukurin

Chagoi fish have two patterns: with fukurin and without fukurin. Fukurin means that each scale has a black outline, making it look like it has a fishnet pattern. 

Without Fukurin

Some colors of Chagoi don’t have fukurin. They’re still healthy Chagoi koi, and they can still have scales in proper alignment. Fukurin refers to the color of the scales’ edges only.

Gin Rin Scalation

Gin Rin Chagoi has a stunning diamond shimmer. The shimmer is created by proteins under the scales that cause folds. The texture refracts light and makes the fish glimmer and shine in the water.

A Group of Koi Fish - One being Chagoi
Chagoi are Solid Brown Koi that are Known for their Friendliness.


Most Chagoi koi are brown, but there are a variety of hues under this broad umbrella. 

Green Chagoi

I just said that Chagoi are brown, and now I’m introducing a green variety. While some Chagoi start out green, they turn brown over time. Green Chagoi have a reputation as the friendliest and the hungriest koi. If you get a green Chagoi, know that it’ll grow to be very large! 

Brown Chagoi

Most Chagoi are brown like their regular carp relatives, though you might find them in different shades. Lighter hues show that the Chagoi is more valuable. The fukurin can set Chagoi apart in this case.

Root Beer Chagoi

Root beer Chagoi have a reddish tint in the otherwise plain brown hue. You can find this type of koi with or without the fukurin pattern.


These Chagoi are brown with fukurin, but one thing that sets them apart is they have black smudges all over. These spots can look like bruises. If they’re spread randomly over the fish’s body, they look interesting. If the pattern is dark and organized, you know the fish is high-quality. When you see these Chagoi, you’ll want to snap them up-they’re great fish!

Why You Should Get a Chagoi Koi Fish

As previously mentioned, Chagoi koi fish are easy to hand-tame. You can feed them and give them a koi treat right from your hand. This is fun because it makes your fish feel more like a pet than an ornamental decoration in your pond.

The behavior is also contagious, so once your more wild carp see the Chagoi fish eating from your hand, they’ll swarm over, too. The Chagoi’s calm demeanor will rub off on your other fish and ensure your pond is a safe haven for your fish.

Our providers directory contains both online and local stores that have Chagoi koi for sale. You can either pick up your koi locally or have an online store ship the fish directly to your door.

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This blog is dedicated to providing helpful hints and information for koi pond hobbyists - as well as those of you who just inherited a koi pond and are thinking NOW WHAT?
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