Koi Pond Waterfall Filter

Pond Filtration is a Necessity

Do you have a wonderful garden in your backyard, and you're looking to put in a Koi pond alongside your flowers and vegetable garden? If so, you will need to install a Koi pond waterfall filter. When setting up my own fish pond, I looked through many reviews for a Koi pond waterfall filter and did my research before picking the right one for my needs.

A Bamboo Waterfall that Filters Water in a Koi Pond
You May Opt for a DIY Waterfall Filter for your Koi Pond

You will see that there are filters capable of cleaning up to 1,000 gallons of water. A filter is essential for a koi pond because the fish in the water tends to stay in the same small area and leave behind a mess after eating and defecating. As such, filtering the water will keep your pond fish alive and prevent the pond from getting contaminated or having a smell. 

I have done my fair share of research on the topic of Koi pond waterfall filters, and I have the right answers to describe why you need a Koi pond filter, as well as a list displaying the best filters for your Koi pond.

In this guide, you will learn the following about the Koi pond waterfall filter:

  • The importance of having a filter for your Koi pond
  • The best waterfall filters available on the market
  • How to maintain your outdoor water filter

If this sounds like it's up your alley, then keep reading to learn more!  If you think you might need help getting your koi pond filters set up or maintained, check out all the koi pond maintenance service providers we have in our directory. You can find a local koi pond professional to help maintain your pond.

Why You Need a Filter for Your Koi Pond 

If you want your Koi fish to live a healthy and long life, the right-sized filter is necessary, especially when it comes to removing some of the scum and slime you may find on top of the pond water. 

With the fish in your pond eating and excreting in the same water every day, it is extremely important to filter the pond water. Your filtration system will need to filter both biological and mechanical waste. 

Cleaning a Koi Pond Using a Filtration System
A Photo of a Filtration System

You may need to implement biological filtration cultures of aerobic bacteria to break apart the chemical portions of fish waste. Yet, mechanical filtration systems are necessary to remove physical wastes, such as dead bugs, leaves, and fecal refuse. You’ll also need to add a filter pad to strain out debris so that the refuse is fully removed before circulating in the pond.

Furthermore, if you’re getting a waterfall filter, you should be aware that it is similar to a standard filter for a Koi pond. However, it has a more aesthetically pleasing waterfall effect. 

Regardless of what type of filter you decide to get, the most critical aspect to consider is the overall filtration quality. At the end of the day, the goal is to keep your pond clean and sanitary and your fish happy and healthy.

How to Choose the Best Waterfall Filter For Your Needs

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best waterfall filter for a Koi pond, such as:

  • The size of the waterfall pond filter needed
  • The general purpose of the pond filter or pump
  • Needing either a pond pump or an entire filtration system
  • The flow rate of a waterfall pump
  • The pump strength of a waterfall filter
  • Whether a standard pump and a smaller pump are necessary to power the filtration system

You’ll need to determine the size of your pond and pick the filter based on the exact size needed. Next, do you need a filter to circulate the water or power a filter system? Do you want to get a fountain look or a waterfall look from your Koi pond filter?

A Photo of Koi Pond Brushes
Koi Pond Brushers are Used To Filter the Water

If you’re getting a pond pump, does it need to power a filter or support a waterfall or a fountain? These are some of the factors you’ll need to answer when choosing the best waterfall filter for your Koi pond. Don’t forget to use filter media to clean the pond water better as well.

In addition, you will need to pick a waterfall filter that moves at least 100 gallons every hour for each inch of waterfall width. If you’re looking for more gentle waterfalls, you can choose a less powerful pump. 

For more intense waterfalls, you’ll need a more powerful pump. Consider the flow rate and pump strength of each filter you’re considering. Do you need multiple pumps to filter your pond? That’s another essential factor to consider when choosing the best waterfall filter on the market.

If you’re looking to add aquatic and semi-aquatic plants into your Koi pond, then a bog filter may be necessary, as this is the area where the pond water is filtered. The bog filter is known to grow beneficial bacteria that can remove chemical wastes from the water and enable plant growth.

The Three Best Filtration Systems on the Market

Below are the three best filtrations systems you’ll find for your Koi pond on the market. I’ve done my research, and these are some great options for your needs. If you don’t have enough funds to cover the costs of the filtration systems below, then you may want to consider a DIY pond filter.

A Photo of a Bamboo Waterfall in a Backyard Pond
Choose the Right Waterfall Filter that Fits Your Needs

Aquascape Compact Waterfall Filter

This is a fantastic waterfall filter, as it can handle up to 1,000 gallons of water. This particular waterfall filter has a 12-inch spillway, which is perfect for pumps that can manage anywhere from 500 to 5,000 gallons.

This filter was built specifically for smaller ponds like the Koi pond. Installing the filter is very easy and simple to complete. The Aquascape Compact Waterfall Filter includes both biological and mechanical filtration aspects, which incorporate bio-activators to help with bacterial growth.   

Atlantic Water Gardens Waterfall Filter (17 Inch Spillway)

This is a top choice for a waterfall filter if you’re looking for a more wide spillway, as this one is 17 inches in width. The best part is that this filter is created to prevent dripping when it’s turned on. This filter is also compact in size despite having a larger spillway.

For an impressive waterfall effect, you’ll need pumps at 2000-3000 GPH. As another benefit, the waterfall filter comes with filter media and a media bag.

A Photo of a Beaded Filter System
Filtering your Water is Needed to Ensure the Health of Your Fish

Atlantic Water Gardens Waterfall Filter (26 Inch Spillway)

For a strong filtration system and a very wide spillway, the Atlantic Water Gardens Waterfall Filter with its 26-inch spillway is a great choice. The filtration system is perfect for large ponds and Koi ponds with plenty of fish. 

This is a system that is efficient enough that you won’t need another water pump. The setup for this filter system is very simple and straightforward. You won’t have any problems with maintaining and cleaning this filter either. Lastly, it has both mechanical and biological features.

How to Maintain a Koi Pond Waterfall Filter

There are four simple steps you’ll need to follow to keep your Koi pond waterfall filter clean and maintain it properly. These four steps include:

  1. Rinsing the filter media via mechanical filters every week.
  2. Emptying the skimmer weekly as well.
  3. Every year, take the filter and pump system apart and clean each part individually.
  4. Take out the biological filter media at the same time you’re cleaning the filter parts once a year.

As long as you keep your filter clean and properly maintained, it should last for a long time and keep your fish happy and your pond looking pristine. 

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In 2015 our family moved into a house south of Denver, Colorado with a  koi pond.  Since that time I've learned to really enjoy the koi fish and the pond. This blog is dedicated to providing helpful hints and information for koi pond hobbyists - as well as those of you who just inherited a koi pond and are thinking NOW WHAT?

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This blog is dedicated to providing helpful hints and information for koi pond hobbyists - as well as those of you who just inherited a koi pond and are thinking NOW WHAT?
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