What You Need To Know About GinRin Koi

What Makes This Type of Koi Variety So Appealing for Koi Hobbyists?

Koi fish are known worldwide for their beautiful coloring, especially the mesmerizing shiny scales you’ll see in different koi carp varieties. These are known as KinGinRin or simply GinRin, which translates to golden silver reflective scales. No doubt, they’re the first thing you’ll see when you look at any type of GinRin koi swimming in a koi pond or aquarium. 

Pond hobbyists and koi enthusiasts spend a great deal of time learning how to take care of this species of high quality fish. Extensive research has been done to understand more about these sparkling scales to obtain relevant information about their prized characteristics. 

A variety of Ginrin Koi
Feeding Ginrin Koi

What Is GinRin? 

Before anything else, GinRin - the stunning and shining scales in koi - is not to be mistaken with GinRin Koi, which refers to the koi fish itself. Nowadays, you’ll find GinRin bred in almost all koi varieties, but Gin Rin Showa, Kohaku, Kikarimono, and other specific types usually have higher values. 

GinRin scales usually have a golden color when covering red pigment and more silvery when covering a black or white pattern. They aren’t the same as the scales you see in platinum or metallic koi since GinRin is reflective and shiny. This characteristic is part of what makes them so attractive for hobbyists. 

A single Silver Ginrin Koi
Ginrin Koi are Metallic and Platinum due to their Scales Being Reflective

GinRin Koi Classification 

GinRin is more common among koi varieties, and there are classification standards used to judge whether a koi can be considered one. 

Before a GinRin koi can be evaluated, it should first have the qualities of its variety. Say, for example, that you’re looking at an Asagi koi - in this case, the fish would need to have all the show qualities of an Asagi before we can start assessing its GinRin characteristics. 

Ideally, the scales of a GinRin Koi should begin at the base of the head or shoulder and extend down to the base of the tail and sides of their dorsal fin. They should have a minimum of two complete rows of scales, but three or more would be preferable. On top of this, the rows should be neatly aligned and not with random patterns.

Symmetry and body conformation are critical characteristics when evaluating these koi. If you plan to enter a koi show, you’ll need to ensure your fish meets the standards. 

Silver Ginrin Koi with Brown Markings
Silver Ginrin Koi with Diamond Scales

Types of GinRin 

There are four main types of GinRin koi scales. The most common type would be Diamond or Hiroshima GinRin, which looks like brushed aluminum or crackled glass fanning out. The least common type would then be Pearl GinRin, which has a sparkling deposit at the center of each scale, resembling a pearl. 

There’s also the Beta Gin, where the entire scale sparkles and looks like a mirror. It’s also uncommon and known to be one of the higher-valued types. Lastly, we have Kado-Gin, where the sparkling deposit is only on the outer edge instead of the whole surface of the scale.

Ginrin Koi with different kinds of Koi
A Variety of Ginrin Koi


There are many different types of high quality Japanese koi to choose from when determining what to add to your koi pond. The beautiful shimmering silver scale of the distinct GinRin is most certainly a beautiful one to consider! Check out our provider directory to purchase ginrin koi from an online koi farm or local store using our

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This blog is dedicated to providing helpful hints and information for koi pond hobbyists - as well as those of you who just inherited a koi pond and are thinking NOW WHAT?
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