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Koi Pond Filter Pads

Koi Pond Filter pads are part of the filtration system that keep koi ponds clean
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Why Your Koi Pond Needs Shade

At least some shade is essential for a koi pond to maintain water levels and discourage algae growth
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Koi Pond Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a koi pond requires some financial resources - here are the factors to consider
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How Long to Leave a New Pond Before Adding Fish

You shouldn't immediately add koi to a new pond due to water temperature and quality issues
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Koi Pond Leak Repair

How to prevent, diagnose and repair koi pond leaks
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Koi Pond Dechlorinator

Dechlorinating your pond is essential - especially if you fill your pond with tap water
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Koi Pond Water Change

Why your pond might need a water change and how to change it
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String Algae in Koi Pond

Everyone hates string algae - here's how to help keep it under control
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Koi Pond Spring Maintenance

As winter moves into spring, here are some tips for getting your koi pond ready
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