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Koi Pond Waterfall Filter

Different types of waterfall filters and how to maintain them
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DIY Koi Pond Kit

Here is a rundown of the components you'll need to for your own Koi Pond
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Koi Services - Local and Online

Check out our list of koi services providers near you - as well as online koi supply retailers
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Koi Pond Algae Control

Algae in koi ponds has both positive and negative effects - learn the pros and cons
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UV Light for Koi Ponds

Why you might want to consider a UV light for your koi pond
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Koi Pond Netting

Koi pond netting is commonly used to both protect your fish and keep debris out of your pond
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Frozen Koi Pond

A frozen koi pond isn't necessarily dangerous if you're able to ensure proper gas exchange
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Koi Pond Algae Eater

There are some fish and other aquatic pond dwellers that will eat algae and help to keep it in check
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Koi Pond Heater

We dive into what a koi pond heater is and how it can help to maintain your water temperature
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