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Charcoal Filter for Koi Pond

How a charcoal filter can neutralize harmful contaminants in your koi pond
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Indoor Koi Pond

While most koi ponds are outdoor ponds, many people enjoy having their own indoor koi pond
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Koi Fish Water Temperature

Learn what the ideal koi fish water temperature is and how to properly and effectively change the temperature
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Koi Pond Fence

Fencing around koi ponds - advantages, disadvantages and potential requirements
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Koi Pond Clay

Koi Pond Clay can improve water quality and act as a dietary supplement
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Koi Pond Fountain

Koi pond fountains - for aesthetic and aeration purposes
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Yellow Koi Fish

Yellow koi fish - why some koi fish have yellow coloration
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Koi Quarantine Tank

What a quarantine tank is and why you may need to use one
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Portable Koi Fish Pond

Portable koi ponds - what are they and when they're typically used
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