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How to Keep Koi Pond Water Clear

There are many reasons to keep your koi pond water as clear as possible - here's how
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How Deep Does a Koi Pond Have to Be?

A koi pond must be the right depth to protect from predators and to prevent it from freezing solid
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Bead Filter for Koi Pond

Learn what a bead filter it is and how it can safely and effectively keep your pond clean
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Biological Filter for Koi Pond

Learn how a biological filter can keep your koi pond clean naturally
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Do Koi Fish Sleep?

Koi Fish don't exactly "sleep" as humans do, but they do undergo periods of deep rest
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How to Lower pH in Koi Ponds

There's more than one way to lower the pH in your pond - we discuss various methods here
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Green Koi Pond Diagnosis and Treatment

A green koi pond is less than desirable and usually indicates an algae problem that needs to be fixed
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How Long Can Koi Fish Go Without Food?

Koi don't need to eat daily - here we discuss exactly how long koi can go without a meal
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How to Plant Water Lilies in a Koi Pond

Learn the right way to plant water lilies in a pond to ensure their survival
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