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Koi Fish Dying in Pond

If you have koi fish dying in your pond, you need to identify and fix the problem fast
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Koi Fish Jumping

If your koi fish are repeatedly jumping out of the water, it may indicate water quality problems with your pond.
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Koi Spawning

The koi in your backyard pond can create more koi each spring. Learn about the breeding habits of koi.
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Stressed Fish Symptoms

Your fish may be stressed if they are experiencing drastic changes in behavior. This includes appetite, swimming and color changes.
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Bacterial Infection in Koi Fish

Learn about the presence of bacteria in your koi pond and how it can negatively impact your fish.
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Fish Swimming Vertical

If your koi fish is swimming vertically (or oddly) it could represent a serious health problem
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Yamato Nishiki

The Yamato Nishiki is a mix of the Sanke and the Platinum Ogon with metallic colors that really "pop".
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The Pros and Cons of Koi Pond Bacteria

Learn about beneficial koi pond bacteria and how it can help - or hurt your koi pond
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Koi Fish Losing Scales

If your koi fish is losing scales, it may be possible to treat and reverse the condition.
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