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Shusui Koi Fish

The Shusui Koi is one of the few varieties of Koi that is blue. It is also scaleless.
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White Koi Fish

White Koi Fish arent a variety of koi, but there are many types of Koi Fish that have white coloration.
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Koi Ulcers

How to tell if your koi fish has ulcers, and how to effectively treat ulcers
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Do Raccoons Eat Fish?

Racoons will eat your koi fish if your pond doesn't have adequate saftey measures in place.
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Can Koi Be Kept in an Aquarium?

Baby koi can be kept in an aquarium, but will need to be moved to a pond eventually.
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Can Fish Have Strokes?

Various Health Issues in Fish Can Look Similar to a Stroke Our pets are more than just animals that reside […]
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Yamabuki Ogon Koi Fish

The Yamabuki Ogon Koi Fish is a unique type of koi that sports a solid, metallic golden color
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Koi Pond Winterization in Early Fall

How to get a Koi Pond Ready for Winter in Cold Climates
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Black and White Koi Fish

Many different types of Koi can have black and white markings. Let's take a deeper look.
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